MiniDungeons 2

MiniDungeons 2 is a turn-based roguelike puzzle game, intended to be played on mobile devices; it was designed to provide a complex yet fully observable and deterministic environment for modeling decision-making styles of human players. As in MiniDungeons, the hero (controlled by the player) starts at the level's entrance and must navigate to the level exit while collecting treasures, killing monsters and drinking healing potions. Unlike MiniDungeons however, there is a multitude of monsters that can move around the level, with different behaviors, priorities, and interaction rules. MiniDungeons 2 offers a complex and dynamic environment which challenges the design of efficient and expressive artificial agents, identified as procedural personas, that play the game using their own personal notion of utility (e.g. kill monsters, collect treasure, survive or speed run to the exit). The playtraces of such procedural personas can act as proxies of human playtraces during the design of new game levels or new game rules.

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