Predicting Player Motivation in Tom Clancy's The Division

Is it possible to predict the motivation of players just by observing their gameplay data? Even if so, how should we measure motivation in the first place? In a collaboration with Ubisoft, a large dataset of gameplay data from players of the game Tom Clancy's The Division and their self-reported levels of competence, autonomy, relatedness and presence (via the Ubisoft Perceived Experience Questionnaire) are used as inputs and outputs respectively to a number of machine-learning models. Results show that it is possible to predict players' motivation factors from gameplay statistics alone with high accuracy.

Relevant Publications

  • David Melhart, Ahmad Azadvar, Alessandro Canossa, Antonios Liapis and Georgios N. Yannakakis: "Your Gameplay Says It All: Modelling Motivation in Tom Clancy's The Division," in Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Games, 2019. PDF BibTex